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How to spatially merge two raster files? Failed to execute (Combine). 

Question asked by mhunger16 on Aug 31, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2020 by mhunger16

Hi all,


I'm pretty new to arcGIS Pro so go easy on me.  I'm trying to combine two rasters (.tif format) using the Combine tool in arcGIS Pro 2.4.  The first raster is a map of US land cover at a 30x30m resolution (roughly 8 billion pixels).  The second raster is US counties.   There most common error I get when I try to do this is:  


ERROR 010159: Unable to open VAT file of C:\cdl\combine_cdl.tif.

ERROR 010067: Error in executing grid expression.
Failed to execute (Combine).


I've tried shortening path lengths and making sure I have permissions to the drive.  Also when the tool fails no file, VAT or anything else, is created.  I've also tried moving files inside a local geodatabase with similar results.


Essentially, I'm trying to spatial merge the two files so that I have County FID's associated with land cover.  Next steps involve joining data based on FID and landcover to heatmap.  If there is a better way to go about this please let me know.  I've tried vectoring the land cover raster by doing Raster to Point>Fishnet>Feature to Polygon to get a shapefile to work with, but the 8 Billion values exceeds arcGIS Pro's limit.


Any input is much appreciated.