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Why Table to Excel tool does not work properly in ArcGIS Pro?

Question asked by oguz.sariyildiz on Aug 29, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2020 by oguz.sariyildiz

I have been using a Python/ArcPy code use to generate many Excel files (.xlsx) from shapefiles. After the last Pro update end users start complaining that they get message when they try to open those Excel files. 


First, I thought it was something wrong from my end, code, server etc. but when I do the process manually. I got the same error. 


When I  try to open ESRI generated Excel file I get the message below



Then I click Yes and get this message


It seems nothing get lost but it is frustrating popping multiple windows and make users think they did something wrong or something wrong with the file itself.


Is there way to fix our own or we need ESRI to fix that?