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Can Dashboard indicator display total unique values?

Question asked by jtsmolinski_ga on Aug 26, 2020

I am working with the Living Atlas layer "Active Hurricanes, Cyclones, and Typhoons" by Esri. 

The observed track (meaning past positions) are broken into line segments.  Example, the current Hurricane Laura's path is actually 8 segments.  When I create an indicator for this storm using this layer it gives me a count of 8.

How can an indicator be set to display the total number of unique values?  Ex, based on the STORMNAME attribute, only display the total number of unique values, meaning each storm gets a "1".

Of course I could analyze it or use Arcade to get that number, but that’s not helpful when writing introductory instructions for fellow teachers.  I am hoping there is a box or option somewhere I am missing.