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Getting MSL with Trimble Catalyst in Survey123

Question asked by RimaRsystematics-co-il-esridist Employee on Aug 26, 2020
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Our client is familiar with the option to work with Trimble Catalyst in Collector for arcgis,

They want to work with Trimble Catalyst in Survey123, the problem is - they can't get the MSL.

They use Trimble Mobile Manager , we can see that in the TMM app there are two values for altitude - HAE and MSL.

but they always get HAE.

they set the altitude type in the survey app to MSL - but it is not working.

*They are working with android.


later we found out in the log file of TMM , that it's output includes only HAE (no MSL or geoid separation).

the NMEAL Log file is attached.

Product Configuration Guide | Trimble Geospatial 

I have oppened a support case about this issue 3 month ago in may 2020..but we didn't get a solution.


Is there a way to get MSL in survey 123 with Trimble Catalyst?

James Tedrick

Marika Vertzonis


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