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Is it normal to acces the Widget's config.json only when there is not setting Folder ?

Question asked by ACuicui on Aug 25, 2020
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Dear Community,

Since WebAppbuilder Developper Edition 2.16 (avaible for 2.17 too), I found some very strange behaviour of config files.

I am aware that there is two config.json for each widgets : 

   - One in the Widget Folder named "config.json" (I will calll it Widget JSON )

   - One in the "configs" folder in the app named "config_<label>.config.json" (I will call it App JSON )


I found a strange behaviour in the eDraw Widget, when calling this.config i expect this one to reach the Widget Json but it seems to call the App Json. (I tried to modifiy the default Symbols ).


When there is no setting folder in a Widget, this.config is calling the Widget Json but when there is settings, this.config is calling the App Json.


So here's my questions : 

- Is it normal ? If it is,what is the "Esri" way to access te Widget Json when there is settings inside a widget.

- Is it existing only since Wab 2.16 or did i missed it before ?


PS : I made 2 customs widgets test for some tests, i add them to this post. Tetsasup reach the configs/testasup/config_testasup.sjon when using this.config and in testasup_nosetting this.config reach the config.json inside the widget folder.


Thank you in advance for you time,

Alexis Cuicui.