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python for Pro: how to set File Path parameter

Question asked by helenchu on Aug 21, 2020
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My python codes were generated from ModelBuilder.  At the process of "Table To Excel"  I need to have 2 parameters: File_Path and File_Name.  So in "Properties" of Script, I add those 2 parameters but the parameter for File Path doesn't work. No error but file was saved to the "Scratch" folder.  What step that I missed?  Thanks for your help.



# Model Environment settings
with arcpy.EnvManager(scratchWorkspace=r"C:\ModelBuilder\Scratch\Output.gdb", workspace=r"C:\ModelBuilder\Scratch\Output.gdb"):
Output_gdb = "C:\\ModelBuilder\\Scratch\\Output.gdb"

# Process: Table To Excel (Table To Excel) (conversion)
arcpy.conversion.TableToExcel(Input_Table=Parcels_Lots_DeleteIdentical, Output_Excel_File=ExcelFileName_xls, Use_field_alias_as_column_header="ALIAS", Use_domain_and_subtype_description="DESCRIPTION")
if __name__ == '__main__':