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Custom buttons in ArcGIS Hub pages no longer working

Question asked by Melissa.Allin@brampton.ca_brampton on Aug 18, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2020 by Melissa.Allin@brampton.ca_brampton


We have created custom collapsible buttons within a text card on several hub pages. They were working fine until today, so not sure if it is related to an update or bug?

When we go into the code view, we noticed that all the #'s in the data-targets have changed to %23. If we try to change back to a #, once we save it, it just goes back to %23 again.



For example, the "#general" shown below has been changed to "%23general":


<button data-toggle="collapse" class="button" data-target="#general"><strong>General</strong></button>

<div id="general" class="collapse" style="">

- a table is included within this div.