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How to edit a File Geodatabase using Local Server

Question asked by jtalbot86 on Aug 13, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2020 by jballard-esristaff

I've created an mpk that references my File Geodatabase, and can display the contents by starting a  LocalFeatureService, creating a ServiceFeatureTable using the url, and then a FeatureLayer from the table. 


According to this, "Map packages are read-only and cannot persist changes to the map. However, it is possible to make edits to the feature data referenced by map packages" and "map package layers reference their datasets via absolute paths and that only file geodatabases (.gdb) or enterprise geodatabases can be edited via the Local Server."


However, any changes I make are not persisted to the gdb. I can see the LOCK files being created when I start the service, so I know it's in there... but it's not modifying the data, itself.


What am I missing?!? Also, is there a way to add a feature class to a fgdb using Local Server?