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Adjusting KML placement in realtime in a MapView

Question asked by cristb1971 on Aug 10, 2020
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  Background:  Working in ArcGIS Runtime for QT version 100.8 in QT version 5.14 on an Ubuntu system running release 19.10. 


  I've got a KML GroundOverlay graphic whose position I'd like to update in real-time.  The graphic is rendered just fine initially, but any subsequent calls to functions on the KmlGroundOverlay don't seem to have an effect.  As an example, here's a bit of code:


Considering the variables:

Esri::ArcGISRuntime::KmlGroundOverlay * m_groundOverlay;
Esri::ArcGISRuntime::KmlDataset *m_kdata;
Esri::ArcGISRuntime::KmlLayer *m_klayer;
Esri::ArcGISRuntime::Map *m_map;

In the "before" code - before the KML is called:

m_map(new Map(Basemap::topographicVector(this), this));


Setting up the KML Ground Overlay:

const Envelope env(-.001, 0.001, .001, 0.00, SpatialReference::wgs84());
KmlIcon * kmlIcon = new KmlIcon(QUrl("/home/bcrist/hundySquare.png")); // "hundySquare.png" is a red square shaped image file
// Create Overlay
m_groundOverlay = new Esri::ArcGISRuntime::KmlGroundOverlay(env, kmlIcon, this);
// Create Dataset
m_kdata = new Esri::ArcGISRuntime::KmlDataset(m_groundOverlay, this);
// Create Layer
m_klayer = new Esri::ArcGISRuntime::KmlLayer(m_kdata, this);


Subsequently trying to just spin the layer around via a timer-called separate function (for testing purposes, obviously):

m_groundOverlay->setRotation(m_groundOverlay->rotation() + 1);
if (m_groundOverlay->rotation() > 360)


  I've assembled the "EditKmlGroundOverlay" sample from the arcgis-runtime-samples-qt repo on Git and altered it do perform the rotation above, and it works fine.  The only difference I can figure out is that the EditKmlGroundOverlay sample uses a scene view instead of a map view.  


  Is this a limitation of Map Views or am I doing something wrong or missing something?