Arc Hydro Groundwater Data Model

Discussion created by leorib14 on Apr 6, 2011
Hello to everybody.

I have downloaded the Data Model from 2008 in ESRI???s website and also AGHW 3.0 version.

When using the creat blank AHGW geodatabase in AGHW 3.0 Toolbox, the geodatabase obtained is quite different from the downloaded in the Data Model. It also seems that some feature datasets and relationship classes are missing.

Which one should I use to start my project? I have read Mr. Strassberg's Dissertation and I really want to make use of all the relationships proposed.

Another question, I have borehole statigraphic information from SPT but no well was installed. How can I insert it in the model so I can used it to create cross sections?

Ps: Sorry for my English mistakes, I'm from Brazil. :o