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How can labels, or a field NAME from a feature class (lines), can be extracted, and added/put in another feature class (lines too)?

Question asked by Belttonneeu on Aug 1, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2020 by Belttonneeu

Dear experts:

I have 2 layers:

(1) one with the labels I wish to take, field: NAME of the streams.

(2) the other one is the new processed layer with the streamlines as product created from DEM. They do not have the NAME of the streams.

The question is, what should I do to extract the NAME field in (1), and have these labels on layer (2)? There is not primary and foreign similar field can be used to make a join.

Difficult? I do appreciate your support!

both tables (1) and (2)

Thanks for your support!