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Adding Third Party Library to WebAppbuilder

Question asked by tokafil on Jul 28, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2020 by slaviesriaustralia-com-au-esridist

Hi All,

I have added third party library (Devextreme) in webappbuilder. The path i have added is folder of library is given below.




These files i have referenced in init.js file in the 

resource = resource.concat ({

 window.apiUrl + 'dojo/resources/dojo.css',

 window.apiUrl + 'dijit/themes/claro/claro.css',

 window.apiUrl + 'esri/css/esri.css',

 window.apiUrl + 'dojox/layout/resources/ResizeHandle.css',

 window.path + 'jimu.js/css/jimu-theme.css',

 window.path + 'libs/caja-html-sanitizer-minified.js',

 window.path + 'libs/moment/twix.js',

 window.path + 'libs/Sortable.js',

 window.path + 'libs/cropperjs/cropperjs.js',

 window.path + 'libs/cropperjs/cropper.css',

//because we have jimu/dijit/GridLayout dijit, so we import this css here

 window.path + 'libs/goldenlayout/goldenlayout-base.css',

 window.path + 'libs/goldenlayout/goldenlayout-light-theme.css',

 window.path + 'libs/dvextreme/scripts/jquery-min.js',

 window.path + 'libs/dvextreme/scripts/cldr.min.js',

 window.path + 'libs/dvextreme/scripts/cldr/event-min.js',

 window.path + 'libs/dvextreme/scripts/cldr/supplemtnet-min.js',

 window.path + 'libs/dvextreme/scripts/cldr/unresolved-min.js',

 window.path + 'libs/dvextreme/scripts/globalize-min.js',

 window.path + 'libs/dvextreme/scripts/globalize/message-min.js',

 window.path + 'libs/dvextreme/scripts/globalize/number-min.js',

 window.path + 'libs/dvextreme/scripts/globalize/currency-min.js',

 window.path + 'libs/dvextreme/scripts/globalize/date-min.js',

 window.path + 'libs/dvextreme/scripts/dx.all.js',

 window.path + 'libs/dvextreme/scripts/jszip-min.js',

 window.path + 'libs/dvextreme/scripts/dx.common.css',

 window.path +'libs/dvextreme/styles/dx.dark.css'



first it loads correctly all the components of the devextreme but sometimes it gives error in console that it dint load the resource. Again when i do ctrl + F5 it loads correctly.


Is there any other place i need to add the reference of third party library so that it works correctly. Please guide me on this issue.


Thanks in Advance