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ArcGIS DataStore - updatesslcertificate utility don't work to replace SSL

Question asked by renato.teixeira2 on Jul 24, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2020 by cpawlyszyn-esristaff

Deploying Enterprise 10.7.1, I want to replace self-sign ssl from Datastore with my own CA Certificate, when I run updatesslcertificate in with power shell ow cmd(as admin) with a command:


.\updatesslcertificate.bat "mypassword" "myalias"


updatesslcertificate.bat "mypassword" "myalias"


output return a error:

Error encountered: The data store may not have been initialized.


adicional info:

I'm using this help:

Replace ArcGIS Data Store SSL certificate—ArcGIS Data Store (Windows) Installation Guide | Documentation for ArcGIS Ent… 

when I open https://localhost:2443/arcgis/datastore/ , open page ok to create a datastore, and I'm trying to replace this SSL before create a DataStore.

I'm running command inside installation directory: C:\Programs and Files\ArcGIS\DataStore\Tools


Windows Server 2016 on azure

Enterprise 10.7.1

ArcGIS Datatore windows service running

ArcGIS installation directory: C:\Programs and Files\ArcGIS\DataStore\


tx advance


enterprise 10.7.1 datastore commands datatore ssl