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How does this metdata Esri script run?

Question asked by dtrolling on Jul 24, 2020
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Trying to impute many metadata elements into an XML using the Esri script supplied here:
Migrating metadata scripts from ArcMap to ArcGIS Pro—Metadata module | Documentation 


I tried copying and pasting into a python script and running that, but though it runs, it doesn't do anything nor produce any errors. Per the documentation, it says "This script is designed to be run as a script tool." So, I then imported this in it's documented state as a script tool in ArcGIS Pro. The only parameter listed in the code is the 'Source_Metadata' argument, so I added just this one parameter to the tool. I tried multiple data types that would prompt me to direct the tool to a XML, or a shapefile, or to a feature class. All failed as soon as I tried running the script tool. Error:


"TypeError: 'geoprocessing value object' object is not iterable"


What do I need to do to take the code listed on this documentation page and get it to run?