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Map Frame Layout Zoom (Rectangle) Question

Question asked by on Jul 23, 2020
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In Arcmap while you were in Layout View, one could either use a Layout Zoom which would do what Arcgis PRO does and zooms the entire Layout including the map frame so you can get a closer look at things, which is fine.  However, in ArcMap, you could also do a normal Zoom in which was a rectangle and there you could keep all the layout properties (legend, text, scale bar, etc) the exact same, but you could change the actual Map Frame you imported scale using the rectangle in case there was too much white space in the map.


  I can't seem to figure out how to do that as I know that rectangle zoom feature is no longer (there is a rectangle zoom out, but not in).  


  The only thing I can find is to change the actual scale of the Map Frame manually by guessing at the scale numbers to change the Map Frame data while leaving the other details of the layout the same (see attached photo).


  Is there a way to do this similar to how ArcMap did it by visually changing the scale of the Map Frame?