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Most Efficient Way to Merge MapViewer with QuickReport

Question asked by GarrettRSmith on Jul 22, 2020
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I have been using functionality of the MapViewer and QuickReport templates as the basis for my app. 


From the MapViewer template I am only using the MapPage.qml and all the affiliated controls, images, etc... I want to keep the menu drawer from the MapViewer template that has About this App. I got rid of the Back to Gallery and Font Size within the drawer.  


From the QuickReport template I am starting with the DisclaimerPage.qml and continuing on to the final submissions of observations.


For the final app, I want the MapPage from the MapViewer template to be the landing page. I am going to add a button on the header to to get to the DisclaimerPage. See the attached sketch for the a visual representation of how I envision the app working. 


What I am looking for is the most efficient way to combine these two templates without breaking the functionality and infrastructure that are inherent in both. Should I copy all the files from the MapViewer template to the QuickReport template in Finder? I am working on a Mac.


I know that there are different calls form MapViewer and QuickReport. For example, as you are aware, one has a folder for "pages" and the other has a page for "views". I also know that each of the individual pages that I am working with interact with the main root .qml files (MapViewerApp.qml and QuickReportApp.qml) as well as other .qml files and images that exist within the folder structure. 


Additionally, there are things that are controlled using settings from AppStudio and I am concerned that if I transfer the files in Finder that they will not be inherited by all the pages. 


I am open to any and all suggestions. I can make copies of both templates to make sure I do not loose any work that I have completed thus far.




 App wireframe