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Arcpy PackageMap_management Not Outputting Same File Size as ArcGIS Desktop Share As Map Package

Question asked by jpicklesSM on Jul 22, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2020 by danretired

Friendly GeoNet, 


I have an Arcpy script that creates an MXD and subsequently exports that MXD as an MPK. When I run the script, the output MPK file is 8 MB in size. 


If I open that same MXD in ArcGIS Desktop and package the map manually using the defaults. the output MPK file is 2 MB. 


The code I am using to package is: 

arcpy.PackageMap_management(mpktarget, output, 'PRESERVE', 'PRESERVE_ARCSDE', 'DISPLAY')


My question is: What are the best settings to use in Arcpy to replicate the Share As Map Package manual tool in ArcGIS Desktop? 


If my code above is indeed the correct settings, where should I look to trim that additional 6 MB from the script output?