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MapViewer Template Map Page Questions

Question asked by GarrettRSmith on Jul 19, 2020
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My previous question had to do with QuickReport template, but I am trying to combine the functionality of the two and am working simultaneously on both to get them to where they are actually ready to be combined.


I plan to use the MapPage from MapViewer as my landing page in the QuickReport template and have almost got it to function in the way that I am intending for the app that I am creating. I have run into two issues.


First, is there a way to remove the measure tool from the header bar? I have placed visible:false under the ControlIcon for the measure tool icon, however it does not disappear. When I remove code for the measure tool within the page I run into two issues; (1) the legend for the feature within the map stops working and/or (2) the MapPage opens on the measure page and no other buttons work.


Second, is there a way to declare what attributes I want to appear in the legend window when a feature is selected? I only want three things to appear. If so, is there also a way to order them?


Thank you.