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Versioned data and when edit session must be used for updatecursor

Question asked by lgtateos_NCSU on Jul 17, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2020 by lgtateos_NCSU

Hi Folks,


The updatecursor help page says:   

"Using UpdateCursor on versioned data requires the start of an edit session" 

--What does "versioned data" mean?


I found that I needed to use an edit session when I was trying to use the updatecursor on the attribute table of a feature class in a file geodatabase. I created the feature class using the geotagged photos to points tool. I was not using an insert cursor simultaneously, so I assume (based on the tips in this help page) that this means my data is versioned.


Is data in a file geodatabase versioned by default? Is this a setting I can toggle?

It took me a long time to determine how to resolve the error, as I did not have to use the Editor object to perform the same operations on a dataset that was created in a similar manner. So I'm trying to figure out what triggered this requirement.


Thanks in advance for your help!