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Arcade Code IIF Statement for List Item showing Status Change

Question asked by deleted-user-sNUdtFrn2yEY on Jul 17, 2020
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Hello, this is my first attempt at trying to use Arcade in Operations Dashboard.


I want to change the List Item background color based on the Survey status. I'm having difficulty trying to get this Arcade code to work. See code sample and screen shots.


Code sample:

// Status of Survey entry
var color = IIF($datapoint.status == open, '#FFBEBE', '');
var color = IIF(datapoint.status == closed, '#D3FFBE','');
var color = IIF(datapoint.status == inprocess, '#BEE8FF','');
return {
textColor: '',
backgroundColor: 'color',
selectionColor: '',
selectionTextColor: '',
// attributes: {
// attribute1: '',
// attribute2: ''
// }


Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide me with. I'd like to try and change the Background color for Status - (open, closed and inprocess).


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