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Web Appbuilder - How to display additional info on scene? custom widget?

Question asked by levmichael on Jul 9, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2020 by levmichael

I use Launchpad Theme, and need to display label showing when the 3D scene data has been created, on scene view,

just leftside to top-right 3 on-screen widgets, like: "Date of photo: 9.7.2020".


This is fixed text string to be taken from json config.

The need is very very simple, yet... I don't know how to do it. Since I don't need the whole widget functionality, Only automatically show some fixed text from when the application starts.


I think the right way is to create a custom widget, that like Coordinate widget will display text on screen, but -

1. Coordinate is a huge widget and I need to dig in it and create a very tiny one.

2. Coordinate does indeed display a tiny icon on its left, whilst I prefer (if possible) to present only the text (if icon must be displayed besides the text [I prefer leftside of it], but clicking it would do nothing, it is also ok). Still, I don't know how Coordinate hides the original widget icon. Maybe this suits me.

The needed tiny custom widget would not be activated manually, but all it will do is display the fixed text of e.g. maximum 25 characters near top-right of screen, with some nice background color.


Or maybe the easy way is to modify the code that manages the screen, so that besides putting all widgets on it, it will also put some label (with some background)?


I'm not so strong with css. I need help and will appreciate it very much.