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Runtime SDK 100.6 for .Net Does not show creating feature on map

Question asked by nrcnylmzz on Jul 9, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2020 by nrcnylmzz

Hello everyone,


I am trying to add feature to offline geodatabase. However, the feature that I added to the table with the geometry type point does not appear on the map. but when I add a new feature to the table with a geometry type polyline, it immediately appears on the map.


featureTable.CreateFeature(); // create feature from geodatabase table


..... // set Geometry and attributes

Feature.Geometry = GeometryEngine.Project(Feature.Geometry, MapView.SpatialReference);


await featureTable.AddFeatureAsync(feature.GetArcGISFeature()); // add feature to table 

feature.GetArcGISFeature().Refresh(); // refresh feature 


What is wrong?


Please help!!