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Custom print service not pulling transparency from hosted feature layers

Question asked by kheney on Jul 7, 2020

I am using a custom print service to print a simple map with layers hosted on ArcGIS online. In the app, the layers display properly with the corresponding transparency assigned to them both in the webmap and as their default layer symbology. 


With the default ESRI provided print service URL the map prints with the correct transparency and symbology, but when I bring in my own print service this stops being true.


My print service completely removes any transparency value set on AGOL and prints the layers as completely opaque, but prints graphics layers with transparency (like a search results layer from the eSearch widget) just fine. 


Is there a setting I am missing when publishing my print service? I can't seem to find this error experienced by anyone else, so I am not sure how else to troubleshoot this. 

I am using arc server 10.4.1 but did a trial in 10.7 and this problem carried over.

Thank you!