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AppStudio Qt Beginnings and/or Guidebooks

Question asked by GarrettRSmith on Jun 30, 2020
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I am trying to combine functionality of Quick Report and Map Viewer templates, or alternatively create a new custom app that will allow me to pick and choose the functionality contained in both. When I watch the configuring videos online about both Quick Report and Map Viewer I am left wanting much more detail than simply changing logos, photos, and/or linking to web maps. I would really like a more in-depth understanding of the architecture of the apps when I open them in Qt Creator. When I look at the Quick Report project in Qt Creator I have a list of files and folders. I would really like to understand what these files and folders do. For example, I have a "pages" folder. Are these different pages in the app? If so, how are these pages called up?


I think that it would be very beneficial for me to understand what is happening in the background so that I can make this app that I am creating functional for its purpose. It would also allow me to also provide other apps in the future that can solve my client's needs. 


Ultimately, are there books, websites, instructional videos, etc.. that focuses on this background or the Qt Creator side of app development?