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Xamarin forms - Define  Offline area of interest at runtime on user selection

Question asked by K810pandey on Jun 30, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2020 by tiberiusva

Hello Team,


I have a requirement of the map click/hover event. So, the use case is  :

  • Show a map, overlay KML/ KMZ /shapefile. These files will have multiple smaller areas defined inside it. Now, the user should be able to select any of these smaller areas or the whole KML/KMZ/shapefile layer area as an area of Interest for offline download. The requirement is that the user should be able to select it by tapping on Map Areas.


  1. I am able to load the map, overlay KML/KMZ/Shapefile layers, also able to download it for offline use by defining the area of interest at the code level but I am not able to get any click/tap event for the map to define the area of Interest on user selection.
  2. I also checked if it is possible to add user-defined events ( Like we do in bing maps with “Microsoft.Maps.Events.addHandler(layer, 'click', function (e) { layerclicked(e) })” , here  layer is Microsoft.Maps.Layer( ) ) but didn’t found anything in ArcGIS Map. I have been through tutorials also. Please help me if there is a way to achieve this use case.
  3. If there is no tap/click event available, what would be the best suitable way to achieve the above use case?


Platform using - Xamarin.forms for iOS, Android, UWP