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Adding rows based on common field names between two tables?

Question asked by ccurtin_USCSSI on Jun 29, 2020
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So I'm dealing with building parcel data from two different years. I need to compare their land use for the two years. I joined the tables based on the unique ID of assessor parcel number (APN). For the records that didn't match (parcels sometimes get subdivided between years with new developments), I did a spatial join and now have a separate feature class from the spatial join where the APNs don't match. I'm trying to join these two tables back together but can't figure out how. My fields are APN_19, APN_16, Landuse_19, Landuse_16. Basically, I just want to add the rows with the unmatched APN's back into the greater table with all the parcels considering that the fields are the same. If it helps, the OID field is intact between the two tables, so maybe some sort of sequential join would work if that's a thing? For example, out of 5 parcels, 1,3,5 matched based on APN. The spatial join feature class still has the OID of 2 and 4 intact.