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.net SDK WmsLayer Performance

Question asked by andreas.stolpmann on Jun 26, 2020
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i'm a litte confused about how to correctly use a WmsLayer (Esri.ArcGISRuntime.WPF 100.8.0). I have the following, working code:

var layer = new WmsLayer(new Uri("http://<local.geoserver>:8080/geoserver/osm/wms"), new[] { "osm_world" });
await layer.LoadAsync();
var map = new Map();
MyMapView.Map = map;

This works fine and shows me a map. BUT everytime the map is moved arcgis is requesting an image of the size of the current map.

GET /geoserver/osm/ows?SERVICE=WMS&EXCEPTIONS=XML&bbox=-36.59692273440173%2C-18.368541923134622%2C75.217619033179091%2C40.24852015145175&bgcolor=0xFEFFFF&crs=CRS%3A84&format=image%2Fpng&height=411&layers=osm_world&request=GetMap&service=WMS&styles=&transparent=TRUE&version=1.3.0&width=784 HTTP/1.1

This results in super long loading times and unnecessary traffic. I would expect it to download and CACHE multiple smaller images (like 256x256) and use them to build the whole image.

This is exactly what happens if i use leafletjs in a web app and the performance is way better.


How can i configure arcgis to work like this?


Thanks you