GDB Field Values to Script Value List

Discussion created by davecouture on Apr 3, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2011 by davecouture
Is there a way to populate a String Value List (Filter) from the Values of a GDB Field?  We have hundreds of records in one of our GDB, that we update every month.  In our old system (Caris), we were able to create predefined queries (tools) for our users and I'm trying to create similar tools, with Scripts and the Model Builder.  For example, we had a drop down list with all the street names, in our city, and that list was being populated by the values of the StreetNames field, in the Streets MDB/ODBC (every time the tool is launched).

The Model Builder has a great tool called Get Field Value, but it only gets the first value of the field.  I really don't understand why the tool can't return multiple values - Get Field ValueS?

Any thoughts?