Symbolize Polygon data based on multiple attributes with different Fill Style

Discussion created by amrutabildikar5 on Jun 25, 2020
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Hi All,


I am very new to ArcGIS Pro but excited to explore lot of options what ArcPro is offering in symbology area.

I am working with ArcGIS Pro : 2.4.3


I want to achieve some custom symbology and tried working on it from couple of days but not able to get it. Can experts help?



1.I have a polygon feature class in GDB which has 2 fields which I want to consider for symbology: youngestAge and weights.

2.I have feature class already symbolized in 14 classes based on 'youngestAge' field but now, I want to fill all those polygons with hatched lines which are having 'weight' attribute value<100

3.Currently, I am able to get control over changing transparency and outline of polygon based on this other field 'Weight' but that is not what I want.


Referred link:


I am looking for symbolizing polygon with variation in fill and not the outline.


Any guidance is appreciated.


Thank you!