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How optimize rendering 8000 polygon graphics on a layer map?

Question asked by konstantine911 on Jun 16, 2020

Why when I rendering with Arcgis GraphicsLyaer 8000 polygon it taked about 35seconds and very small in rendering frame per seconds while navigation with it drawed graphics if I use for this 2d Map, but better with SceneView(3d).? 

For example if take a look to MapBox rendering this 8000 polygon it take only about 7-10 sec and very fast in drawed of frame per seconds on a animation when we navigation on a map..

I used also FeatureLayer and of course it faster but I have not access to a graphics polygon layer from this. For this I need change a color polygon, create two binding maps and tree list, filtering polygon and i.e, there while with FeatureLayer I have not a quite access to graphics for it...