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How to create a built-Up area from multiple polygons?

Question asked by Rami_Kh on Jun 15, 2020

Hi Everyone, 


I have been struggling over the last few days to emulate an old American map for a city. I actually faced two main problems: 


First One: I have a shapefile for the buildings of the city, but since they are almost few hundreds, I was trying to combine them together in order to get Built-Up urban areas (blocks) instead. Arcgis Pro provides a feature called Delineate Built-Up Areas but I failed to merge my buildings into different block as shown in the original map in the attachments. 


Second One: I tried to make the streets completely fit with the buildings so they do not intersect with each other but I could not find the tool suitable for this task. 


It would be very much appreciated if any one can recommend solutions for these two problems. I attached screen shots from the original map and the one I'm trying to create. As shown in the attachments, I'm trying to make the multiple buildings in each block as a Built-Up are in a way that it's edges completely fit with the roads.