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Update feature class in an enterprise GDB using SSMS?

Question asked by Cimejes on Jun 16, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2020 by bixb0012

I have a point feature class with over a million records in an enterprise geodatabase (using Microsoft SQL Server). I have a Portal feature layer running off this data. When I need to update the data, I use ArcGIS Pro to delete the feature class and recreate it (either all at once or in chunks using append). When I'm in the office this takes about 3 hours to complete. Now working remotely, updating this feature class takes around 16 hours.


Working with tables is quick in SQL Server Management Studio, so I'm wondering if I can update the table and create the geometry there rather than in ArcGIS Pro / ArcMap / ArcCatalog. I've seen some documentation that suggests this may be possible...


Rules for creating spatial tables to be used with ArcGIS—Help | Documentation 

SQL Server spatial types and ArcGIS—Manage geodatabases in SQL Server | Documentation 

Register a table or view with the geodatabase—Geodatabases | Documentation 


I've had some success, but haven't quite gotten what I want. Using lat/long, I added geometry to a table in SSMS (and added an ObjectID and a spatial index) and was able to visualize the data in the associated feature layer in the Portal, but when I tried to filter the layer in a dashboard I got an error: "Geodatabase error: DBMS does NOT support this function".


Is it possible to update a feature class in an enterprise geodatabase by creating the geometry in SSMS, rather than using ArcGIS desktop software? If so, what's the correct workflow?