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Create a variable buffer on either side of a line feature class.

Question asked by lisa.sievers on Jun 15, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2020 by lisa.sievers

I am attempting to put a feature class together that will be used to map easements along our pipelines.  I intend to use a line feature class that can be used as the center line for creating a buffer off of, since not all of the easements are actually based off of the pipeline itself.  The problem is that some stretches of the easements state that they are 50 feet to the east of the center line and 20 feet to west of said center line.  I know there's a way to set buffer distance perimeters based on attribute fields and that they can be either to the left or right of the line, but can you set it as having a set distance to the left and then a different distance to the right?  Thanks, Lisa