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Custom labeling associated with a given layer

Question asked by maps-berlin on Jun 14, 2020

Hello everybody,


I was wondering if it is possible to create custom labels that are associated with a given Layer.

For example:


I have a geological map as a feature layer and want to add labels showing overarching geomorphological units. These are big features and are not included as attributes of my feature layer. 

I can create a different Line or Annotation Feature to create labels but now I have another entry in my table of contents that I have to manually turn on or off to show the labels, plus annotation features dont export to a web map.

Another example I can think of would be an aerial layer and adding street names to it.


What I need is those labels associated to my feature layer and visibility tied to it, without an extra entry in the table of contents (at least when exporting to a web map)

Is there a way to do this?


Bonus Question: I played around with annotations and those can be linked to a feature layer but what does this actually do? When working with the annotations layer it seemed to be a completely seperate entity anyways. 


Thanks and have a great Sunday