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Embedding my custom toolbox within my ArcPro Add-In

Question asked by Jack_Bestard_LearnArcGIS on Jun 8, 2020

It's my first time posting on here so I am sorry if I don't correctly format this question.


I have been building an ArcPro Add-In and I wanted to embed a toolbox so that when I send the add-in to the client I am able to source the path to the toolbox and then open it from a ribbon button. I followed the suggestions in this question but when I install the toolbox to ArcPro it doesn't create the toolbox folders within the AppData directory. When I check inside the add-inX file I can see the custom toolbox within there in the file structure shown in the previously asked question. I am wondering why when installing the Add-in does it not create the toolbox folder within appdata? I must be doing something wrong but I can't figure it out (I am fairly new to c# and add-in creation so that is probably where I am stumbling)


Any help would be appreciated and here are some images of the visual studio menu and the esri addinX file