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Utility Network - Subnetwork Controllers and Open Points

Question asked by Manuele.Messeri_AEL on Jun 3, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2020 by Manuele.Messeri_AEL

Hi everyone, 

I'm implementing a Utility Network (electric)  and I am now defining my Subnetwork Controllers for my connectivity.


In the picture below, there's two different Network Controllers (A and B), they both have a category of Secondary Distribution Mesh. (In green the downstream directions and in Pink, the upstream direction.


Once I build the subnetwork A (Upstream Controller) I receive an error type 29 (Inconsistent subnetwork name on multiple subnetwork controllers in the same subnetwork discovered during update subnetwork.). The same happens when I build the B subnetwork (Downstream Controller).


so questions:

  • How am I suppose to make them work together?
  • Why when I build the subnetwork, it goes upstream as well as downstream? (Those are Circuit Breakers and defined as such on their terminals


Same topic but a different issue: Between subnetwork, downstream of this screenshot, I have an Open Point (Tie Switch) witch is set to Open (Device Status) however, when building the subnetwork, the subnet line doesn't stop at the open point. what am I missing?


Any clue on my questions?