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Set output dataset path to predefined folder in modelbuilder

Question asked by Brianna.Stone_FRCC on Jun 2, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2020 by danretired

Hello All,


I feel that this is something that should be really simple and I feel like I had done it once before a long time ago. I have a model to where as things process they are moving from one folder to the next. My goal is to make this tool so that I can reuse it for various projects and am trying to make the folder entry portion simple, instead of having to enter in the information in multiple locations. So how do I reference variable "Test Folder" that has path "C:\user\stuff\testing_folder" into the process output so that it can say something like 'Test Foler'\%Name% instead of C:\user\stuff\testing_folder\%Name%.


I do request that no one suggests going into environments and setting the workspace because that does not solve the problem. The tools will not accept %Name% in the output field even if each tool has a different current workspace set.


Please and Thank you for your help in advance!