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ArcGIS ArcMap fails to add content from ArcGIS Server

Question asked by debasisc on May 23, 2020
Latest reply on May 23, 2020 by debasisc

Version 10.1


It works for certain URL's. But does not work for some.

We know the sources are working as other users can access.

(I myself added this from ArcGIS Explorer, from another machine. And objects show up on Map.)


My question is - is there a way to provide troubleshooting information?

So far, my experience with this has been 'hit and miss'.


The failure point is - it does not show me folder (as I expect) to select after connecting to the provided URL.

I do not get any clear message, simply a screen without folder name i.e. nothing for me to select.


Steps - Add content. GIS services.

ArcGIS server

Provide Server URL, authentication (username, password).

click Finish

Adds a new entry "arcgis on URL provided". Shows green.

I select and click "Add".

Next screen ("Add Data") does not show me folder name contrary to my expectation.

When I try again, the previous entry appears in red and the number incremented.


"Red" entries keep on adding up as I try again and again.

Eventually, I use ArcCatalog to clean things up.