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Update attributes in Hosted feature

Question asked by jasonjordan00 on May 16, 2020

Hi all, quick question. I have a large dataset that I am updating daily. The features themselves do not change, only the attribute data within it. I have tried a few methods but each has their drawbacks.


Overwrite- Cannot do it because it is in a collaboration and sync is enabled.


Join and multiple field calculates from within Pro- There are a bunch of fields in this, so manually field calculating each is pretty tiring.


Delete features and append updates from within Pro- This is what I'm currently doing, however it creates a lot of downtime and with several thousand views a day I often get emails asking if the service is down.


Python-ing it out- Probably my long term solution, however our Enterprise blocks the Python API access so I would ArcPy it in Pro.


Anyone have better ideas on how to do this? It would be appreciated. Thanks!