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Problem with time constraints

Question asked by cousinhub on May 12, 2020

Hello, I am currently trying to build an app with the ArcGIS REST API, but when I provide time informations on my orders, I get this warning: "Depots, Routes, Orders and Breaks contain a mixture of time windows with dates and time windows without dates." and the answer is empty. I am using php to send my request, here are the values in it:

array:7 [  "f" => "json"   "token" => "my-token"   "distance_units" => "Kilometers"   "depots" => "{"type":"features","features":[{"attributes":{"Name":"Principal"},"geometry":{"x":6.08665833,"y":46.22100291}}]}"   "routes" => "{"features":[{"attributes":{"Name":"Route 2","Description":"vehicle 2","StartDepotName":"Principal","EndDepotName":"Principal"}}]}"   "orders" => "{"features":[{"attributes":{"Name":1,"TimeWindowStart1":1589263200000,"TimeWindowEnd1":1589299200000,"ServiceTime":5},"geometry":{"x":6.15704505,"y":46.20184027 "   "default_date" => 1589234400000]

I'm using strtotime() * 1000 to get the unix timestamp with miliseconds.

Is there something wrong with the formats of my dates?