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Attribute Rules: Strange behavior

Question asked by Haefele on May 12, 2020

On ArcGIS Pro 2.5.1 and File Geodatabases Attribute Rules (Calculation Rules) currently have severe limitations and I wonder if this interesting technology will ever support full data integrity.


- Append / Load Data (GP Tool, ): Attribute Rules are not applied.

- arcpy.da.InsertCursor seems to see the rules but all calculated rows have the same values (from first row).

- Export XML Workspace Document (GP Tool) exports the Attribute Rules elements.

- Import XML Workspace Document (GP Tool) does not import existing Attribute Rules.

- Calculate Field (GP Tool) fails if there are Attribute Rules defined on the same Feature Class.



Due to this limitations there is no overall data integrity. 


Is there a hidden File Geodatabase trigger to apply the Attribute Rules after a Load Data? 

Even Calculate Field on a dummy field  is not such a trigger. The Tool fails with the following error messages:

ERROR 999999: Something unexpected caused the tool to fail...


Triggering event: Update,


Arcade error: Field not found ELEVATION

 Where ELEVATION is an existing field and used within the first Attribute Rule. 

If I change values manually row by row the Attribute Rules are applied just for the current row.