ArcGIS Pro crashes when running GWR (and other deep learning tools) with more than 3 variables on AMD hardware

Discussion created by tw267473 on May 10, 2020

When running geographically weighted regression, or other tools that utilize the python deep learning environment (such as predicting with forest-based classification), ArcGIS Pro crashes. This only occurs on my desktop with AMD hardware (Ryzen 5 3600x & Rx 5700). My laptop with a weaker CPU & GPU (i7 6th gen; 960m), can run these tools just fine.


I do not have any logs I can send, as Arc does not simply crash, it immediately closes in the middle of geoprocessing (it seems like python environment itself is crashing).


I want to be able to run these tools on my desktop. Is there any way to get them working on the hardware I have?