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Distributed Collaboration Limitations/Errors

Question asked by David.Runneals_IowaDOT on May 8, 2020

We're running into major issues with using distributed collaborations to copy our services that we want to make public to ArcGIS Online, and this is all due to lack of documentation (in this case specifically related to the limitations of distributed collaborations). We've had a case open with support for awhile now and still aren't even close to a solution or workaround using distributed collaboration. I can't imagine that we're the only organization getting problems. We do a true truncate/reload on the services, which I'm told may be part of the problem. Are your scheduled syncs "completed" successfully or are they "completed_with_failures"?


Upload and import replication package to peer (in this case ArcGIS Online Org) errors which we think are leading to some other errors that are causing items to become disconnected: Connection reset by peer (Write failed) Broken pipe (Write failed)