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My Arctoolbox tools are still not working after I reset my application, what should I do?

Question asked by avasam on Apr 23, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2020 by Dan_Patterson

I keep trying to use the project tool under Data Management, and the Conversion tool.

All my tools don't work when I use them though.

After inputting the correct fields for Project tool and pressing OK, the map loads and then nothing happens or changes

and when I quit out of Arcmap, it gives me a message saying that geoprocessing is still working, but I've waited for more than an hour and nothing happens. 


I've tried this multiple times and I can't figure it out!

I even tried resetting the app by renaming normal.mxt 

Lmk if you have suggestions, I need this to work for my GIS class labs.


My ArcMap version is 10.7.1