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Feature collection vs. feature layer vs. hosted feature layer

Question asked by schlot on Apr 17, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2020 by schlot

I'm working up some documentation, not so much how to create these things, but the various scenarios for when I would recommend one over the other.  I'm getting a little lost between these 3.


If I upload a file, such as CSV into a web map, it is a feature collection, but remains part of the web map you loaded it into. 


If I wanted to use this anywhere else besides this one web map, I should then use "Save Layer" and that because a feature layer (not hosted) and is no longer a feature collection?  


When would I want this to be a hosted feature layer, rather than non-hosted?  To actually limit the ability to edit it?   To make it so that somebody other than me (the original author) can edit it?


After reading the documentation, I'm still not sure.  But I think this is the path/order for creating a layer initially and then where you need to take it, depending on how you want to use it?