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split polygon by polylines

Question asked by cjoos_abcbirds on Apr 16, 2020
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I have a polygon with an overlaid polyline of interstates, idealy using an existing tool in ArcGIS Advanced. I simply want to break up the polygon into pieces by the lines of the interstate. This seems very simple but it is not at all and I haven't found anyone who has gotten an answer similar to mine that didn't involve  python code. The help file for this is useless and the error message "see below" isn't helpful either. Why would my lines be continuous rings? The help file shows a wavy line bisecting a polygon, not a ring. Does this only work with a single line in the polyline shape? This polyline is not perfect, some of the sections are broken into multiple connected lines. I cannot find how to connect these into continuous lines instead of a continuous line made of multiple segments. The help on this tool is just non-existent. Can anybody help me perform this seemingly simple task?