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hosted feature layer changes table records

Question asked by bzizzami_urichmond on Apr 14, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2020 by bzizzami_urichmond

I’m working on a simple point layer with dates, cases and death values. It starts off as a csv, then in Pro I export to point layer to my project database. It looks great until I share it as a web layer. When I check it on AGOL, the attribute table shows a shift by one day. So for example (Screen shot) the data should start on 1/22 and end on 4/13, but as you can see the online version starts on 1/21 and ends 4/12. It shifts all the values off in the same direction so the totals from 4/13 are showing on 4/12.


I have completely started over 3 times and tried publishing every way I know how and it still happens. It also happened from 2 different files. I really can’t imagine how or why it does this. Any experience in dealing with this? Any help is super appreciated.


Here's the link to the shared layer