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how to export a high quality map for publication from arcGIS Pro?

Question asked by aurelies on Apr 9, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2020 by aurelies

I have previously used arcMap to export map layouts to adobe illustrator and it was great. That option does not exist in arcGIS pro, so I read a lot of recommendations to use pdf instead to keep layers separate.


But the quality of the layers in my exported files are TERRIBLE! I have played with the different compression settings, but not a single outuput looks like what I am seeing in arcGIS Pro.


My export settings are below, and the map in the arcGIS pro layout, and the final pdf opened in illustrator.

The rasters are blocky, the lines very thick, like the image has not rendered completely. Can anyone help? What settings are recommended? There has to be a way to export quality maps with raster and polygon layers??