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Fundamental Capabilities for Newbie

Question asked by william.snow@fema.dhs.gov_FEMA on Apr 8, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2020 by william.snow@fema.dhs.gov_FEMA

Complete newbie, not a GIS specialist (I'm project manager). Need help understanding ArcGIS capacity. Essentially, I'm looking to create a web interface made up of a "master bucket" (introductory story and images) with a navigation structure that allows connection to 53 other unique "buckets" (composed of narrative and two maps, one with multiple layers) to tell the complete story. The Sidecar layout works for all the buckets, I just don't know how to create the navigation between/among them. It may be that building unique sections is all it takes, I just need to know whether ArcGIS really has this capability, and if so, what the best tool, or combination of tools to use. We need to use out of the box templates, as no one on the team is a programmer. The attached file gives a rough idea of what we're trying to do.