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Create Oracle Express geodatabase without server license??

Question asked by peterlen on Apr 6, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2020 by bixb0012

Hello - I have a home use license for ArcDesktop (Advanced).  On the same laptop that I have my ArcDesktop, I have an Oracle XE installation in which I want to use the ArcToolbox's Create Enterprise Geodatabase tool to create a geodatabase in my local Oracle installation.  The tool, however, requires an authorization file.  After some emails with Esri customer service, I am finding that I can't get an authorization file unless have an ArcGIS for Server license.  In other words, in order to create a local Oracle XE geodatabase, I need to purchase a server license.  I don't want to purchase ArcServer because I have no need for it and my Oracle installation is not an enterprise database.  Does anyone have any other thoughts on if there is any way to create an Esri "enterprise" geodatabase for a local copy of Oracle?  I want to be able to create a geodatabase rather than just use file geodatabases for my personal testing and research due to my work environment using an Oracle geodatabase.  I have a feeling I am at the end of the line on this topic but thought I would reach out.  Thanks - Peter